Definition of Tranquility:

  • repose: a disposition free from stress or emotion
  • tranquillity: an untroubled state; free from disturbances
  • tranquillity: a state of peace and quiet
  • This is my first blog in quite awhile! I have decided to give it a name..a name that represents the goals I have and how I want to be.  Tranquility came to me simply because in the past, I would say 2 years or so I have lived a life completely opposite of this. I feel like my world has been on a rollercoaster with many ups & downs and I have allowed stress to take over me. From here on out, I am making every effort to live a more tranquil life–taking each day at a time and to enjoy each moment. To reconnect myself to friendships that have been lacking, activities that have been pushed aside, and to find myself, once again and start fresh!

    However, I am aware that this will not be an over-night process, but a constant battle to seek greater things in life.  To live a life that is full and experience it to it’s fullness on a daily basis, within the daily work I do and the hobbies that I enjoy. I believe in order to have tranquility and/or peace you must find it within yourself…no one can do that for you. I also know that in many things I need to simply, let go. Sometimes I tend to worry, stress, and let those type of moments dictate my life, which is never healthy. 

    I must say though, I am so proud! So proud of my recent renewed spirit and the fact that I remain to have a “never give up” attitude even through the hard times. Sometimes life can appear like it will never get better, but it’s all on how you look at it. Positivity goes a LONG way, along with great support from those you love.  

    ~More posts to come….:-) Have a wonderful week!